Geometric abstraction art existed since the 7th century in different cultures and came to Europe at the beginning of the 20th century.

Wassily Kandinski was one of the first prominent artists of geometric, non-objective painting. Other prominent examples are Pier Mondrian and Georges Vantongerloo.

Today, design and creation of geometric abstraction artwork has become even more complex and important.

Our large format Geometric Image Art Prints are designed with a multitude of colours, shapes and 3-D effects, which creates a prestigious as well as aesthetic harmony in private and professional environments.

The current Geometric Art Collection collection has been created by designer artist Thomas Michael Loeffler. All Image Art Objects are printed on 3 mm brossed Alu-Dibond. Each object is numbered and signed by the artist.

In addition to the Geometric Art Prints Thomas M. Loeffler developed Geometric Art Objects on Acrylic Glass.

All Acrylic Objects are crafted with a transparent, black or white acrylic cast as background layer on which laser cut multicolor acrylic forms are manually assembled and permanently fixed in a 2-step process. Each wall object is numbered and signed by the artist.

Another approach by Thomas M. Loeffler is the transfer of three-dimensional geometric abtraction on large format carpet material. Digital Images with vibrant colors are transferred with a high-definition and photo realistic printing process on high quality carpet tissue. Each carpet is numbered and signed by the artist.

Floor/Wall Synergy combines large format Geometric Abstraction Wall Objects with Geometric Abstraction Carpets of identical design. A collection of wall/floor synergistic objects can be found in the chapter "Wall/Floor Synergy".
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